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6 Ways to Lower Wedding Stress

No ifs ands or buts about it, weddings are stressful! You want everything to go exactly as planned, you want everything to look like your Pinterest "wedding board”, you want both your families to get along, You want your cake to taste amazing, and to get some amazing instagram worthy pictures from your photographer, the list can go on and on. The truth is most of us are not event planners, and the pressure of planning one of the most important events of your life is well.. STRESSFUL. Having planned my own wedding, both of my sisters weddings, and working in the wedding industry for almost 8 years I have a few tips that might just save you from headache and disappointment.

#1- If you have the budget for this, hire a wedding planner!! For reals! You give them your creative dreams and they will come up with magic! They have an eye for design and will be able to put together something amazing for your big day. The biggest bonus being you don’t have to stress and worry about all the tiny or big details!

#2- If you/or your budget decide you don’t need a wedding planner, the next best thing you can do for your wedding is hire professionals to help you. You come up with a vision for your wedding and then let them help you! A wedding industry professional has done many weddings and will have great suggestions and a wealth of knowledge that will be beneficial to you. For example, what flowers will hold up best in the heat of summer, how to get that three tier cake to stay in one piece, or getting your audio perfect, so that your walk down the aisle isn’t filled with technical difficulties.

#3 -Do everything that can be done early, as soon as possible! This seems like easy enough logic, but you will be surprised just how hectic and busy your wedding day can get, or the weeks leading up to it. Everything ends up taking longer than you plan for it even those small tasks you were going to do quickly before hand can add up. Doing things like pre reception set up, dress fittings, or getting your marriage license early can help lower your stress levels a ton!

#4 -Plan on something going wrong. As much as none of us want this to happen, inevitably something goes wrong. It might be that bridesmaid dresses come in the wrong color, or that you have an outdoor wedding is going to be rained out. The more you can roll with the punches the better your day will go. In this case, your wedding day is only as stressful as you let it be, i.e. choosing not to be a bridezilla is is great for you and all those around you.

#5-, be super organized! Lists are your new best friend! Take time to sit down and write down everything that you need/need to get done before the wedding. This list will include things like dress fittings and cake tastings, meeting with your florist. (with a specific date next to them if you have them).

#6- Let people help you! A wedding is a LOT to take on, make it easier on yourself by letting others help you with things. If you are kind of a control freak (like me) it will be hard to trust others with important task, however if you have a list (see #5) you will be able to easily pick things that you are willing to let them do.

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